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Your daughter’s First Holy Communion day is an exciting time in both your lives. With so much to consider and so many options to choose from, finding the right Communion dress can be an overwhelming process.

Here are a few tips to consider when buying a Communion dress in-store. We hope they help make the process as stress-free as possible for you!

1. Shop early but not too early. This is perhaps the most important thing to do when ordering a Communion dress. Designers do not make unlimited quantities of their Communion dresses, so the most popular Communion dress styles and sizes sell out very quickly. We would recommend to purchase a Communion dress from November the most popular months for Communion dress shopping are January & February.

This is even more true for plus size Communion dress. Don’t lose out on your favourite Communion dress and order or reserve early!

2. Worried about growing? An average 7 & 8 year old child grows 2 to 3 inches and gains 3 to 7 pounds each year. Much of the new height comes in the legs. Any good retailer will give advise on the right size allowing for growth.

3. Church/Parish Rules. Before you start looking for a Communion dress, check with your Priest or Sunday School Teacher to see if there are any rules or requirements for your daughter’s Communion dress. Does she need to wear sleeves? Is there a specific length? Is ivory acceptable? It’s also important not to ignore any unwritten traditions your parish has.

4. Communion Dress Styles. When choosing the right Communion dress take some time to browse the different styles that are available. Do you want something that is very traditional, or are you looking for something more contemporary? Also take note of the different fabrics, such as lace and satin and find one that is right for you and your daughter.

5. Internet browsing before visiting a Shop. Make sure that the Communion dresses you like are available in a UK shop that you are going to visit, many customers visit our shop and show us photos that they have taken from an online shop and tell us that this is their daughters favourite Communion dress, the problem with browsing websites in foreign countries, is that you and your little girl will select random Communion dresses that you both like and your little girl must have and these Communion dresses will probably not exist in UK which can lead to disappointment for both of you.

6. Quality. When you are purchasing a Communion dress you want to ensure you are buying a high-quality Communion dress. A well-made Communion dress will not only help your daughter look, but also feel her best on her special day. Look for well-known designers who take pride in making high-quality Communion dresses. A few names to look for are: Joan Calabrese, Emmerling, Isabella, Koko, Macis Design, Little People, Rosa Clara, Celebrations, Jelly Totts, SophisiKatie, Lacey Bell & Polka…and yes we sell them all 🙂

7. Choosing and Trying On Communion dresses – We recommend that when browsing Communion dresses in a shop that you select 4 Communion dresses that you want your little girl to try on, some shops may limit the number of Communion dresses they allow you to take into the changing room. We do not recommend that you make your daughter try on every Communion dress in the shop. This can become overwhelming and stressful. We have seen this happen on many occasion in our shop, and in the end the little girl gets totally fed up and miserable and both of you cannot remember which one you both liked, remember your little girl must also love the Communion dress as she will be the one wearing it on her Communion day, so she has to be happy with your choice. You’ll both know The One when you see her face light up 🙂

8. Who to Take With You When Communion Dress Shopping – Many independent Communion dress shop are small so are unable to accommodate large number of people. If you want your little girl to enjoy the experience of shopping for a Communion dress, we highly recommend that you limit your guests. You may not want to hear this but it’s our advise that we give to all our customers. The family and friends that you bring will all have their own opinions, some may have opinions that you do not want to hear, so making the decision harder, as you will not be able to please everyone. If possible, we do advise trying not to bring along siblings, as many get bored quickly (especially the little ones) and you may become distracted trying for deal with them.

9. Return policies. Sometimes purchasing a Communion dress doesn’t always go as smoothly as you’d hope. To help ease the stress that comes with returning a Communion dress, ask about a business’ return policy before you buy. Before purchasing make sure you are clear about the refund and exchange policy of the shop. As with a lot of small independent shop it is exchange only within a limited time.

If possible, try not to purchase a Communion dress from a company that does not have any type of return policy, unless you are willing to spend extra money on alterations if needed.

10. Budget. Before you begin looking for a Communion dress, make sure you set a budget and…stick to it! This includes expenses for accessories or alterations. Most retailers have online shops and prices of Communion dresses will be shown on these web pages. Bespoke, made to order or silk Communion dresses will be more expensive

We hope these tips will help make buying a Communion dress a great experience for you and your little girl.

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