Circle First Communion Petticoat
£ 29.99
For a soft fullness.

Circle First Communion Petticoat

Adds just a good bit of lift a good choice to go under lightweight ballerina style skirts. Also can be layered under a fuller petticoat to get extra fullness.

Girls love these petticoats for a princess feel to their First Communion Dress

First Communion Petticoat, for daughter, granddaughter, goddaughter or girl to wear on her First Holy Communion day.
Even a little fullness childrens slip can have an impact on the length of the hem, adding a full petticoat to a dress will shorten the appearance of the dress length anywhere from 2 to 6 inches.


2 years: LENGHT(Shoulder to hem) 24.5" 

3Years: LENGTH (shoulder to hem)  26"  

4 Years:LENGTH (shoulder to hem) 27.5"

 5 Years:LENGTH (shoulder to hem)  29" 

6 YEARS : (shoulder to hem)31"

7 YEARS : (shoulder to hem) 33"

8 YEARS : Shoulder to hem) 35"

9 YEARS: (shoulder to hem) 37"

10 YEARS: (shoulder to hem)39"

If you require a different length, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Guide to Purchasing a Girls Petticoat - IMPORTANT - When purchasing a petticoat or hoop skirt, it is important that know the childs measurements and the hem circumference of the dress to ensure adequate fullness. This information will help you select the correct fullness petticoat without making the dress appear overstuffed. 

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