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First Holy Communion Bibles, Missals & Prayer Books

First Communion Gifts - Catholic Boys & Girls First Communion Bibles, Missals & Prayer Books

First Holy Communion gifts - First Holy Communion People's Prayer Books make wonderful sacramental gifts and keepsake presents that help children continue to grow in their Catholic Faith, they are gifts that boys and girls will cherish for a lifetime.

Remembrance of First Holy Communion People's Prayer Book designed to be given as a gift for a child's First Holy Communion, this hardbacked 192 page prayer book contains Order of the Mass, Propers for Sundays, Holy Days, important feasts, Thankgiving thoughts and classic prayers.

First Holy Communion in the Roman Catholic Church is something of the greatest significance equivalent to Confirmation in the Church of England or Bar Mitzvah for Jewish children.

The narrative of the Bible provides facts, events which happened, and along with them the objective truths of revelation.

A First Holy Communion Bible is a very popular First Holy Communion gift to give to a Daughter, Son, Grandson, Granddaughter, Godson, Goddaughter, Nephew, Niece, Brother, Sister or special boy or special girl that will be treasured for many years and is a constant reminder of their faith.

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