Your Sons or Daughters First Communion - How to Organise

Your Sons or Daughters First Communion - How to Organise - 2017 First  Holy Communion Preparations - Holy Communion Day Celebration - Get Organised - Childs First Communion Preparations

Parents Guide - Get Organised - First Holy Communion Day Planner

2017 First Holy Communion Season is fast approaching. The First Holy Communion season is a short one, April - July, so planning ahead is vital. Every detail is important when it comes to planning a First Holy Communion Day, the preparations are exciting and can also be lots of fun.

Our  STEP BY STEP GUIDE  will help you to plan your child's special day, so that it will be a day they'll always treasure and remember.


First Holy Communion Enrolment

Parents with school children in year 3 will by now have been advised of the dates for First Communion in 2017. As parents you will be working alongside the school and/or church to prepare your child for this important ceremony.

If you do not know your parishes 2017 dates, you will need to contact your local church to enquire about First Holy Communion enrolment forms.

Parishes arrange a period of preparation of First Holy Communion lessons for the children, meetings for the parents, and celebration masses for the whole family.  

To help you along we have provided below some useful articles on First Holy Communion Sacrament.

Get Organised - First Holy Communion Day Planner

We hope to help you with some of the practical preparation for these important events.

After Enrolment and your date is set:

1. Set a First Holy Communion Budget

2. Compile a guest list

3. Type of First Holy Communion celebration

4. Secure a venue that accommodates your budget, style, theme and number of guests.

5. Book entertainment and a photographer.

6. Start looking for First Holy Communion dress or First Holy Communion suit.

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Her First Holy Communion Day

His First Holy Communion Day

Organising a First Communion Party

7. Make an appointment at our boutique in Chertsey, Surrey.

Four months before:

1. Select and order all  your First Holy Communion invitations and stationery.

2. Order the First Holy Communion cake

Three -Two months before:

1. Post First Holy Communion Invitations

2. Order or purchase all your First Holy Communion party-ware and tableware, Communion balloons, and First Holy Communion favours.

3. Arrange First Holy Communion dress or First Holy Communion suit fittings

4. Purchase First Holy Communion gifts and Party Guest First Communion Favours.

5. Offer to help decorate Parish church.

One month before

1. Book hairdressers for early morning.

2. Make sure everyone involved in the celebration know what's happening and when.

One week before:

1. Confirm the number of guests.

2. Ensure child attends church rehearsal.

3. Confirm photographer, venue, entertainer etc.

The day before

1. Help to decorate church.

2. Arrange for First Holy Communion cake to be delivered to venue.

Remember though, much like that of a wedding, the ceremonial significance of this day is what counts. So whether you choose to something intimate or extravagant ,plan it with your child in mind, and it will be a special day that you and your child will always cherish and remember always.