Communion Dress Styles

Communion Dress Styles - 2016 First Communion Dress Styles for Girls - Full Length First Holy Communion Dress, Ballerina Length Communion Dress, Ankle Length Communion dress

The last few years styles in Communion dresses has become more simple yet more elegant and classically romantic.

Ankle length communion dresses with gathered layered tulle skirted (ballgown style) have been particularly popular with the princess style lending a fairytale feeling.

Ballerina length communion dresses have been particularly popular with the princess style lending a fairytale feeling. When a dress is almost touching the ankle it is called ballerina length, although ballerina length Communion dresses usually fall into the full length style

Floor-length communion dresses are traditional styles are also a favourite choice with little girls for the mini bride look.

Tea-length (mid-calf) Communion dresses are classic styles which are a favourite with a heeled pair of Communion shoes. When a dress is about 5 cm (2 inches) above the ankle it is called tea length

A-line communion dresses are modern styles which are popular with the taller girls, these Communion dresses offer a look of elegance and simplicity.

communion dresses tend to be designed within three different dress styles:
Classic Communion Dress Styles:

The classic Communion Dress style is still the most popular Communion dress choice. A classic Communion dress is usually Ballerina length (T Length), and has short or long sleeves.

The Classic communion dresses are designed with delicate fabrics of satin, organza, tulle many styles have a layered combination of fabrics with delicate beading detail, with large simple bowties for a elegant but simple style. These Communion Dress style, are designed to enhance a girl on her special day.

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Modern Communion Dresses:

The modern style is becoming increasingly popular, halter neck and spaghetti straps are a favourite feature. Many of the sleeveless styles do offer co-ordinating jackets or boleros. Although you will need to check the requirements with your parish re sleeveless dresses.

Fabrics of satin, duchess satin silk and organza, crystal organza and tulle tend to be the most popular. Embroidery and beading for an added sparkle is defintely in fashion, although tends to be discrete and large simple bowties or covered buttons to the back are a strong feature.

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Traditional Communion Dresses:

Traditional communion dresses have the WOW factor and are guaranteed to make a impression.

Floor-length communion dresses are traditional styles are also a favourite choice with little girls for the mini bride look, with matching accessories of veil and gloves.

Designed with sumptuous fabrics of satin, duchess satin, tafetta, silk and organza, crystal organza with intricate details of beading, crystals, pearls and iridescent sequins, some also have detachable back trains.

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Its important to remember that communion dresses don't always look the same on a hanger or in a picture so let your little girl try on a variety of communion dresses this will also help with finding the style that suits your little girl.

Internet websites usually provide the customer with descriptions of the Communion dress design, style, length, material and sizes available along with their prices. Internet retailers should have a returns policy, so do check all order details carefully before purchasing.

But no matter what style and fabric you choose, communion dresses are made to adorn your little girl with the best appearance possible for her special day. Timeless elegance is the key - traditional styles never outdate, they are true treasures that are certain to be preserved in your family for generations to come.

Your special girl should wear the Communion Dress - the dress shouldn’t wear the child.
Designer Made to order Communion Dresses

A designer made to order Communion Dress has many advantages. First, the Communion dress will be designed to measure and fit your little girl, it gives you the opportunity to be imaginative, so to discuss and choose the Communion dress style, design and material that will suit your little girl. Second, your Communion dress becomes an original, which will mean that no other little girl will be wearing the same Communion dress.

However, having your Communion Dress custom-made may also have its disadvantages. Which will include time for consultations, fittings, plus the price will be more expensive than ready-made Communion dresses, as the cost will include the designer’s fee, plus materials. You should expect to pay between £175.00 - £400+ for a designer made to order Communion dress. We would recommend that you choose a dress designer who is well known and respected for stylish and contemporary Communion dresses. Some designers also offer their own ready-made Communion dresses designs as another option.
Irish Communion Dresses - For young Irish Girls:

Whatever your reason might be for wanting your little girl to wear an Irish Communion dress, hopefully we can help by sharing some Irish Communion traditions and customs.

There are many different styles and traditions when it comes to Irish communion dresses. Irish communion dresses are traditionally pure white and traditionally incorporate Irish symbols, this is what they say makes a Communion Dress style Irish?. Other Irish Communion dresses may have beading, lacing, ribbon, or hemming.

Irish symbolism on a Communion dress or veil is a personal choice, as you'll find that the symbols have meanings. So whether you are of Irish origin, or second generation and have Irish ancestors, or whether you just want that Celtic touch, here's the most popular and favourite Celtic symbols & meanings that are incorporated into a Irish Communion Dress:

The shamrock, is one of the favourite Irish symbols. The symbol of trinity. The Claddagh symbol is also very popular, the hand holding symbol of love and friendship. The Celtic cross, is also incorporated and is a symbol of eternity that emphasises the endlessness of God’s love as shown through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

Matching accessories worn with the Irish Communion dress include a tiara, socks, gloves and bag.

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Italian Communion Dresses - For young Italian Girls

Italian Communion dresses vary from traditional to contemporary; all are made from the finest fabrics and have Italian style. Italian communion dresses are renowned to be absolutely stunning for their intricate details and lacing, designed to match the Italian culture.

Italian Communion dresses and designers in Italy inspire gowns, they can come in a wide variety of different classic and elegant styles, and are white or cream shades. As the Italian community has many traditions & customs, traditional Italian Communion dresses have some of the following features, a detailed layered skirt which may include flower embroideries, ribbons and lace.

Italian Communion dresses are generally more expensive, because of the amount of intricate beading and detail involved within the design of the Communion dress. Italian Communion dresses should be chosen and fitted carefully. As these elegant Communion dresses will be expensive to be altered.

Have Communion Dress Styles Changed? - Owner and Principal Designer Tina Bourke recalls her memories of her First Holy Communion day - have Communion Dress trends changed? and considers if providing your little girl with a beautiful Communion Dress has really changed?